Intellectual Property and Competition Law

Trademarks and other company logos can represent a significant part of the value of a business. They ensure that the products of a particular business can be distinguished from those of a competitor. Successful brands and products are confronted with complex challenges: More and more often they have to defend themselves against abuse, dilution, counterfeiting and infringements, including on the Internet.

In addition, you want to optimally use and exploit your industrial property rights. The introduction of new products – especially in international markets – therefore also requires increasingly complex research to ensure that the desired intellectual property right is (internationally) available.


In order to assert a mark effectively within the marketplace, there are a number of strategic and legal issues that must be considered even at registration stage. We can provide you with comprehensive advice starting with the choice of mark, professional researching and analys prior to registrations, to policing and defending your rights once they are successfully registered. We carry out trademark registrations in-house for German marks, EU marks and international registrations (IR marks). In the event of registrations in foreign jurisdictions, we work with associate firms within our international network.


Competition Law

Marketing now plays a significant role in any successful business venture. Marketing approaches must be developed – also in new market fields, such as Online and Influencer Marketing – that do not cross the boundaries of unlawful competition.


Should your competitors use unlawful means to enter the market or thwart your own commercial development, immediate and firm action is required in order to protect your market position. We have the experience to provide you with comprehensive advice on competition issues within the shortest of timeframes. This applies to traditional advertising as well as modern forms of „online“ advertising.


Our consulting service

We offer comprehensive advice on all areas of intellectual property law and competition law, both for medium-sized companies and corporations, and appear both in court and out of court.


Our competences in intellectual property and competition law:

  • Trademark, Patents, Registered Design Rights and Utility Models
  • Know-how, protective rights and Inventions
  • Competition Law

Our team


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