Insolvency Law

Another focus of our law firm’s work is the provision of comprehensive advice on insolvency law. We advise and support domestic and foreign creditors, banks, and suppliers both prior to and during insolvency proceedings and insolvency plan procedures that involve your contract partners. We also advise debtors and their owners on reorganisation and restructuring issues, including discharge of residual debt. When managers and directors are faced with a crisis and company insolvency, we support them in acting in a manner consistent with their responsibilities, making the right decisions, avoiding liability, and preventing any accusations of delay in filing for insolvency. We have a wealth of experience in handling all types of disputes involving insolvency, particularly with regard to avoidance under the Insolvency Code (InsO) and the Avoidance Act (AnfG), as well as liability on the part of governing bodies. Our long-standing M&A advisory practice can offer assistance when companies are being purchased out of insolvency. Our clients include domestic and foreign investors. We also specialise in providing advice on all employment law issues involved in insolvency proceedings.

Our key advisory areas:

  • Insolvency disputes and avoidance
  • Advising debtors in crisis and insolvency
  • Advising managers and directors
  • Advising creditors in cases of company insolvencies
  • Acquiring companies out of insolvency (M&A)
  • Reorganisation and restructuring
  • Employment law issues involved in insolvency proceedings
  • Discharge of residual debt
  • Accusations of delay in filing for insolvency
  • International insolvency law
  • Participation on creditors’ committees
  • Winding-up

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