Media Law, Press Law and Freedom of Expression

Media law has developed over the last decades as a “cross-sectional matter” from different areas of law and has gained independence. Today, this includes not least the law of the press and broadcasting, the law of musical works and the law concerning multimedia platforms. The objectives of media law include ensuring non-discriminatory access and the protection of diversity of opinion, as well as the protection of minors or personal rights.

The constant interplay of traditional and modern, mostly digital media as well as the increasing dynamics of mass communication lead to a high demand for legal advice. Because no matter whether you are a company, a public figure or a private individual, we are all confronted almost daily with the advantages and disadvantages of (digital) mass communication.


Our expertise:

  • Advice and legal representation in disputes about reporting or the violation of the right of free speech or the right of personality
  • Advice and representation in disputes about the liability of (third-party) content on digital platforms (including infringement of intellectual property rights, hate speech, “notice and take-down”)
  • Consulting and support of companies in positioning in media and social networks as well as in dealing with so-called “shitstorms” (including conception and design of contractual relationships, crisis management)
  • Consulting and support for key and social influencers (including conception and design of brand ambassador contracts, licensing of social media channels such as YouTube and/or Twitch)
  • Advice to music publishers and artists (including conception and design of contractual relationships, exploitation of rights, GEMA)
  • Advice on film and television productions (including the exploitation of rights, drafting of contracts)
  • E-sports and gaming (including drafting of licence agreements, advice on the implementation of association structures, support for major events)

Our team


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