Lawyer since 1997

Dr. Dirk Oldigs specializes in advising domestic and international companies on real estate law issues.


He is a specialist in the legal support of complex civil engineering, infrastructure and construction projects. This includes consulting on building, civil engineering and tunnel construction projects, sophisticated facades and the construction management and property management of commercial, administrative, industrial and residential buildings. In addition, he advises on the legal aspects concerning the purchase and procurement of local and long-distance passenger transport vehicles as well as transportation contracts.


He accompanies his clients through all stages of property development: from the development concept, award of contracts and contract negotiations through planning and construction to invoicing, leasing and sales.


Dr. Dirk Oldigs focuses his legal advice on the development of pragmatic solutions that best meet the client's business objectives. Should out-of-court solutions not lead to success, he is also able to successfully enforce his party's position in court.